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Hey Y'all! My name is Kasey and welcome to Antlers + Anchors.

I'm a twenty-seven year old nerd living in Charleston, South Carolina with my husband and best friend, Rob. Antlers + Anchors is my little slice of the interwebs where I <insert bold text for emphasis> try to blog about my life. Sometimes I'm successful at it, sometimes I fail miserably. But you know, I'm 120% okay with that.

So anyways this is an about me page, so let me tell you a bit about myself. I was born May 31st, making me a Gemini. I find that this doesn't help me in any way, shape or form. Gemini's are supposed to be great communicators, but I tend to fail spectacularly at it. 

Anyways, I've always lived in South Carolina. I come from a family that used to own a tobacco farm, has Sunday dinners regularly, and drinks tea so sweet its practically molasses. But then again, I was born in the birthplace of sweet tea, so I think thats a given. I think it would take something apocalyptic to take me away from the Lowcountry. I have a deep love for Southern living. Hurricane parties, mimosas at Sunday brunch, monograms on everything. As much as I would love to say I'm 100% a Southern Belle, I'm not.

I'm also a huge nerd. Comic books, video games, you name it, and I'm probably a fan about it. Doctor Who? Fantastic. Battlestar Galactica? So say we all. Game of Thrones? I'm still a baby fan in that one, but like any Tolkien/LOTR fan says, "A fan is never late, nor is a fan early. A fan arrives precisely when they are supposed to." There have been times where I have been trying to write a post here for this blog, but has instead played Minecraft. (If you haven't played, play it.) I will admit that while I'm a nerd about most nerdy things, I've always been an Art nerd. It has always been my dream to create some form of art and be successful at it. I went to school for a while for graphic design, but had to put that on hold for monetary reasons, and I've been stuck working a full time job since then.

But seriously, thats enough about me. What should you expect from Antlers + Anchors. To be honest, you shouldn't expect a thing. This blog started out as some form of expression that I thought I'd be half way decent at. Que Sera Sera, right? What will be will be. Why the name Antlers + Anchors? Deer are my favorite animals, and I love boats. Its the first thing that popped in my head that I liked. And this is probably the point in the post that I can type anything because you've probably stopped reading by now. Did you know that a quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Or that every sentence is just a different combinations of the same 26 character alphabet. Just for shits and giggles, comment with "What the FRAK did I just read" to see if you got this far. Also at this point, this is just a giant wall o' text that most people will probably be like "tl:dr". I was going to lie out of my ass and put more gibberish. How about I do this, I'm going to minimize the font for every new sentence. Honestly this is just a waste of time and space, but all I'm really doing is trying to be funny. I'm just trying to get you to like me. Please like my blog. :)

Wow, you're still reading this? Y'all, this is just the about me page. Go read the rest of the blog, lol.


  1. "What the FRAK did I just read"

    Too funny!

    1. Thanks so much! I just published this page and its been sitting unpublished for like ages! I'm glad you thought it was funny!


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