Thursday, December 4, 2014

»fifty two: weeks 47 and 48 «

Happy Thursday everyone! Today I get to play catch up! I've missed three week's worth of fifty two posts, and I'm really determined to answer all of the questions that I've set up for myself. I'm using these posts as writing prompts to get me into writing with some thought provoking questions. I've said it before, but I'm super determined to answer all of these questions for the year. So let's get caught up. I'm only answering two today, and I'll do #49 with next week. 

Week 47: What's special about your hometown? 

I spent the last 45 minutes doing some quick research about my little home town, Summerville South Carolina. Let me tell you about my town. Summerville, or at least the area that would become Summerville, was first inhabited in the late 1700's. The small village was first inhabited as a vacation spot for Charlestonians. In the early 1800's the area was modernized by addition of the railroad being added to the area. Summerville officially became a town in 1847, and passed it's first law which prohibited certain sized tree from being cut down. This law happens to be one of the oldest ordinance of it's kind in the United States. In 1886, while the town was still recuperating from the Civil War, Summerville experienced a devastating earthquake as well as a fire. 

Some key points about Summerville was that it was declared by the International Congress of Physicians as One of Two Best places in the world for treatment of lung disorders. This then caused a boom of Inns in the area. Summerville is also known for it's natural beauty. There is an abundance of Azaleas and Pine trees. There are also many private and public gardens, especially Magnolia Plantation which is one of the most visited plantation in the Charleston area. For some time the town's population was at a steady 6,000 until the late 1970's. The town has boomed since then and now has a population exceeding 44,000. 

Two other main points about Summerville, is that the town is currently known as the Birth Place of Sweet Tea. The claim is that Summerville holds the oldest receipt of sale of ingredients for sweet tea back in 1890, and currently the town host trolley tours called the Sweet Tea Trail. Summerville also is home to the country's most winningest football coach, Coach John McKissick. Coach McKissick hasn't missed a game in his 62 years of coaching at Summerville High School and currently has 613 game wins under his belt.  

Obviously, I can go on and on about my favorite place in the world. I'm so happy that I'm still living here. 

Week 48: What is your favorite holiday? Why? How do you like to spend it?

I kind of went on and on about it, but Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday in the entire year. My family gets up to all sorts of wild things when we get together for the turkey. This year was a bit different because Robert and I got a hotel and we didn't stay at the beach house, but we had fun all the same. We traveled up Wednesday where the family decided to get smashed. Poor Corey, my brother's girlfriend, switched liquors and ended up giggling and demanding tacos on the way back to the hotel. Thursday after some yummy turkey, we all sat around and enjoyed each others company. Here are a few of pictures from the festivities. My Great Aunt brought some funny masks that everyone enjoyed which was new. I can't think of a better way to spend my favorite holiday with some of my favorite people.

Alright, so that's some catch up on my fifty two prompts. Enjoy your Thursday! 

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