Wednesday, December 3, 2014

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Welcome to December! I have to apologize since I completely failed with National Blog Post Month in November. Half way through the month, all my inspiration for blogging left me unable to write anything. Even things that I had planned, like the 52 posts or the Day in the Life, I couldn't bring myself to post anything. I've been reflecting on what I want to blog about, and I feel that I've been forcing myself to create content just for the quantity. I wasn't blogging for the joy of blogging any more. I feel that December is the month of Joy. The holiday season is in full effect and I want to focus on doing the things I enjoy and just share with y'all those things. So let's get cracking on what I've been up to currently! 

Excited About: DECEMBER! I love the entire month of December. This year I've already brought out the Tree and it's been decorated. I have a few photos of some of my favorite ornaments, but I'm saving that for my Friday post. This weekend I hope that Robert and I will check out some of the local holiday sights, like the James Island Holiday Festival of Lights. My favorite thing to do at the Festival of Lights is to grab a cup of hot chocolate and roast marshmallows. 

Worried About: The one thing that I'm worried about is gifts right now. I've still need to get my shopping done for my family's secret santa picks, but I'm done with Robert's gift for the year. I'm nervous though because I'm not sure his gift is going to be here on time. I ordered him the Direwolves 6.0 Jersey from Geeky Jerseys. It takes it a while to get customized so all I can do is hope that it shows up in time for Christmas. I got him a small supplemental gift that I hope he likes just in case it doesn't show up in time. 

Reading: I've been reading a bunch of Manga scanlations on a iPad app called Manga Rock. The two manga series that I've been enjoying currently are Love So Life by Kouichi Kaede and Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji by Hatta Ayuko. Love So Life is slice of life manga about the 16 year old heroine Shiharu, who currently babysits two year old Aoi and Akane, twin siblings. Aoi and Akane currently live with their 25 year old uncle Seiji, who has to juggle parenting the twins and his job as a television presenter. Shiharu and Seiji though are slowly falling in love with each other, but each is held back by their age differences. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji or Wolf Girl to Black Prince is a story about Erika who happens to be a big fat liar (hence the Wolf Girl) and takes a picture of Kyoya, and lies to her friends that he is her boyfriend. Kyoya and Erika happen to go to the same school, and in order to save face, Kyoya agrees to pretending to be Erika's boyfriend but only since he get's to treat her like a dog.  And man that's a wall of text of some geekery.

Creating: I'm in another creating slump, so I haven't been doing much. But I think I'm going to create some more puppy chow tomorrow. I love snacking on that stuff. 

Loving: Bath and Body Work's A Thousand Wishes. Described as "A festive blend of sparkling champagne, crystal peonies, and almond creme", this has to be one of my favorite new scents from BBW. I really hope that this scent stays around for a while because I can definitely see this being my new signature scent. 

Hating: Socks! I hate having to wear socks. They aren't very comfortable for me. I'm a barefoot kind of girl and the only shoes I like wearing are flip flops or boots. I asked for slippers for Christmas so I hope I get some. I find slippers to be so much more easier to keep my feet warm in the winter.

Wondering: How Kevin is doing. Kevin is graduating from Basic training tomorrow and Bill and Lisa went out to Oklahoma for that. We haven't gotten a letter from him recently, will Robert and I haven't, but he has given us a call on the few times that he's been able to get his cell phone. He does say that he enjoys the structure that the Army gives him. I can't wait to see him when he comes home for Christmas. 

Craving: I've been craving some homemade potato soup. I have the recipe to make it, it's just a matter of getting of my lazy ass to make it. I'm a bit scared to make it though because I don't think I can make it as well as my mom does. Maybe I'll have to get her to come over to the house to walk me through it.

Listening to: Have you heard of the Mystery Skulls? If you haven't please take the time to watch this video: Mystery Skulls: Ghost (Animated). This video got me into Mystery Skulls and it has been on a constant repeat. Right now that Ghost has 35 plays in my iTunes. 

Netflixing: With Netflix's recent updates, I've been watching Destination Truth and I'm getting ready to watch American Horror Story Coven. I don't know if I can handle the first two seasons of American Horror Story, but right now, I'm completely okay with watching all the seasons backwards. 

Playing: I'm trying to get my Animal Crossing town caught up to current time. I had time traveled to the past for a while to try and catch the last bug for my collection but I couldn't catch it. Since I had to take my Grandparents to a doctor's appointment, I just sat in the car playing Animal Crossing. I got to the point where I completed the Harvest Festival/Thanksgiving event, so I'm not too far behind from current real time. 

So that's what I've been up to lately. See y'all tomorrow for some 52 pick up!

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