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Hey Folks! I currently can't sleep even though I spent the day shopping and then eating. Y'all the Christmas holiday is upon us, all I do is eat during the holidays. Since I can't sleep I thought I share something I found on my blog roll the other day. Jess over at Writing in Red Lipstick recently did a Christmas Tag post, and I thought the questions were all sorts of cute and I wanted to chime in with my answers. If you feel like answering any of these questions, leave a comment with a link to your answers. Hearing about other peoples traditions is always fun! And link back over at Jess' blog as well! Oh and enjoy some photos of my favorite Christmas ornaments! 

What's your favorite Christmas Movie?

Oh man, I have a top three. I can't go through the month of December without watching The Christmas Story, Elf, or Home Alone, but I'm kind of particular on how and when I watch them. I have to watch the Christmas Story by myself since most people I know are sick of it by now. I have to watch Elf with my husband and my siblings-in-law. Robert, Brittany and Kevin have watched that movie so much that they quote it year round! At this point I wouldn't be surprised that if we watched I was hearing their voices instead of Will Ferrell's. Home Alone is something I like watching with Robert by ourselves. It's one of his favorite movies and while I think it's okay, I just like cuddling with him during the movie. 

Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

Growing up, presents were always opened on Christmas morning. When my brother and I got a little bit older, we started asking if we could open one present on Christmas eve. Mom would always give us festive pajamas so that Christmas morning, Bryan and I would be dressed in decent clothes and not anything with holes or too thin material. Now, Robert and I tend to give our gifts to each other on Christmas Eve, and then we do family gifts with our respective families on Christmas Day after traveling between houses. 

Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

One of my favorite things about Christmas was that Mom would read to Bryan and I the Night before Christmas book. She would sit us on her and Dad's bed, and would read us the poem from a really ancient book. Like the last time she read it to us, I think I was 15 or 16, and it was falling apart. Over the years, she also would read to us the Polar Express. That book also go some mileage out of it. 

What's your favorite festive food?

I know I can get them year round if I put my mind to it, but my Mom makes an army's worth of cookies for my Dad's co workers a Christmas gift every year. She makes chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter kiss cookies and sugar cookies. She always gives Bryan and I our own tins of the leftover cookies. Her sugar cookies, which I know is just pre-made cookie dough and icing on it, but there is something really special about how she cuts them into star shapes that makes it really special. 

What's your favorite Christmas gift?

In recent years, my mom tends to make scarves for the girls of the family. The first year she made a gorgeous teal scarf, but the yarn is really heavy and the scarf is super bulky if I try to wear it. Last year she found a way to do "arm knitting" on Pinterest and she made a scarf like that, but its so delicate I'm scared that if I wear it I'll get it caught on something and ruin it. So I keep them put away but they are still my favorite gifts. 

What is your favorite Christmas scent?

I love anything that smells like Christmas trees this time of year. Since I have a fake tree, I have to stock up on candles and spray that smells like Christmas Tree. I also really like cranberry smells this time of year, and things with spice. 

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?

Well, since the Night Before Christmas and Polar Express traditions have kind of died out, Mom likes to have us over Christmas Eve just to hang out and have fun. Most the time we eat a whole bunch of finger foods and any left over cookies and then we go home ready for bed. 

What tops your Christmas Tree?

See below! 

As a kid, what was the one crazy/extravagant/wild gift that you always wanted but never received? 

I think I can safely say that with a bunch of girls growing up I wanted a horse for Christmas. Yeah, I was the girl who loved horses growing up. Sadly I never got one, but when I was 6 I did get horseback riding lessons for Christmas so it was close enough!

What is the best part of Christmas for you?

I think the best part of Christmas for me is that warm fuzzy feeling that you get when you spend time with people you love, while eating yummy food and having fun. That feeling translates into so many parts of Christmas for me, but I think its embodied best when you have the chance to look at all the pretty Christmas lights on a tree in a darkened room or on a house at dusk. 

So that was the Christmas tag! I think I'm sufficiently tired enough to go to bed now, my screen is blurring on me! Have a great weekend? 

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