Tuesday, November 11, 2014

» wishlist: desk chairs «

I'm in the market for a new desk chair. I'm at my desk for most of the day. For example, yesterday, I was sitting at my desk from about 3pm until 1am. I've had my current chair for over 4 years now. It's time for a new one. At this point my current chair hydraulic lift is broken in it, so it sinks down every time you sit in it. Its just not comfortable anymore. So, I'm looking for a new one. Here are a few that I've been looking at.

This is Pottery Barn's Polar Bear Airgo Chair. This chair looks so comfy and luxurious. I love a good chair with an arm rest. It's also furry and I love faux fur. Even though this chair is from Pottery Barn's Teen line, I think this chair could go very easy with the current decor where the desk is at as well as future decor in a future home or apartment.

Here is Pottery Barn's Tufted Desk Chair. This is a bit of a more simple design, but the Navy color matches my desk exactly currently. I have a wood desk that I've stained a navy blue color. This particular combination of desk and chair I think would look amazing against a gray and white geometric wall I think. Unfortunately I don't have a geometric wall in our current set up, but a lime green wall.

Last but not least, here's a chair from Office Max, the Realspace Katarina. A white leather chair would be much easier to keep clean than the Furry Airgo chair, to be honest. The white and chrome really stands out to me.

So I've been internet shopping for desk chairs, and these are just a few that I've been looking at. Quick question, what kind of cushion do you have for your tushion when you're blogging or just spending some time at a desk? 

Ps. I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. Oh Pottery Barn has some great selections! :)


  2. I know! I didn't think to look there at first, and now that I have I just can't stop internet shopping!


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