Sunday, November 9, 2014

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Happy Saturday everyone. I hope your's was relaxing. Today I didn't really do much but watch movies. Today Robert and I had a double feature at our local movie theater. We went to go see Big Hero Six and Interstellar. So, a few things about the movies that we went to see.


Big Hero Six is Disney's and Marvel's first joint film. While the movie is more in vein with Pixar's animation and it's definitely a kid's movie, you can also see Marvel's unique movie style. Yes, there is a Stan Lee Cameo, and there is an after credits movie scene. And just like most Disney movies there are throw backs to past movies, like in one of the characters's, Fred, in his room there is an action figure of Elastic Girl from the Incredibles. Big Hero Six wouldn't be a Disney movie without making me cry, and Hiro and Baymax's journey from the beginning to the end of the film is really what stole the show. The beginning of the movie shines because it puts a spotlight on the characters before they become the heroes, showing them to be the science nerds that they are. These characters shine not when they are in their costumes, but when they are themselves. And for any fellow Red vs. Blue fans, Wasabi No Ginger is definitely what I think Tucker looks like under his ODST armor. All in all this is a great movie and will be added to Robert and I's movie collection.


Now on to Interstellar. Basic plot of the movie, Earth is dying. Cooper, played by Matthew McConaughey, is a farmer who along with with his daughter Murph, stumble along NASA's secret base. Cooper then chooses to go into space to try and locate planets for humans to relocate to. OMG this movie. Of course Christopher Nolan has as many twists and turns in this movie as he had for Inception, but this movie. This movie puts you on an emotional roller coaster ride, where some of the surprises leave you feeling like you just got punched in the gut. Once the movie was out I had to go hug my dad. But I think my favorite movie about the whole movie was Cooper's daughter Murph. I have a really soft spot for the name Murphy and I smiled each time someone said her name. Interstellar is also going to be a movie that we buy for our collection, because I would love to watch it over and over.


Anyways, Is there a movie that you are looking forward to watching this month? Let me know!

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