Friday, November 7, 2014

» friday five«

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone has made it through their work week in one piece and can now sit back and relax for the weekend. If not though, Don't worry, you will presevere. For today's post, I have a quick little five bullet point list for today.

»Headaches are the worst. Every once in a while I get headaches like you wouldn't believe. Sometimes I can't get out of bed, some just start as a dull ache that graduly gets worse through out the day. Today I had the latter of the two. Normally with those kinds of headaches I'm sensitve to light, so I tried to keep lights off and screens dimmed. I did take medicene to try and dull the pain, but I can still feel the headache now.

» Crochet is going really well for me. Since picking up crochet, I've made 3 little coasters and I'm working on a like a hand towel now. basic projects that will help me get the stiches down. The hand towel isn't quite done, I need to do one more row of single crochet stiches and then finish the outside. I can't wait until I can try and make the boot cuffs.

» I adore hot chocolate, but I hate getting my tongue burnt. Oh my gosh, my tongue is numb and it feels like skin is peeling off the roof of my mouth. Next time I have to wait to drink it. Or not boil the water. Or try to drink it so quickly.

» Binge Watching a tv show is tiring. Ever since last Saturday, I've been watching the VH1 show Mob Wives non-stop. All of the drama on that show is addicting, but I'm not sure what I'm going to watch when I catch up. I'm currently watching the fourth season. I wish Netflix still had Battlestar Galatica on instant watch. That's honestly one of the best shows to binge watch. For an example of what your life is when binge watching Battlestar, see the One More Episode Portlandia Skit.

»Please remember to drink your 8 cups of water a day! And in general take care of yourself. If you are on medication, take it. Take your vitamins, eat a couple of pieces of fruit. Take a cat nap if you need. Take the time to make sure you are feeling your best. And do something to pamper yourself. Paint your nails, do your make up. Today's Friday. Do what's best for you.

With out any fear of sounding like a broken record, I hope everyone's had a great Friday! Tomorrow I'm doing a double movie feature going to see Interstellar and Big Hero Six, and then to my parent's for a bonfire. See y'all tomorrow.


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