Thursday, November 6, 2014

» fifty-two : week 45 «

Happy Thursday! I can't believe how fast this year has gone by! To think that we only have seven more weeks until the New Year is just unbelievable! It is definately that time of year too. Poor Rob came home early because he was feverish. He's been cooped up in bed all day. Also, quick little update. I finished two crochet coasters (still no pictures) and I'm going to make 2 more and then move on to a little bit more complaicated things.

Week 45: If you woke up tomorrow having gained a quality, what would you choose?
Oh, this is such a good question! There are so many qualities I wish I could gain overnight. I'll try to narrow it down into three categories, physical, mental, and social.
Let's go ahead and get the obvious answer out of the way. If I could gain a new physical quality overnight, I would have to choose a whiter teeth. I was going to go with fast matabolism, but then I'd have to be active, haha. I would definately change my teeth. Ever since I had braces, my teeth have been naturally yellow. It hasn't ever really bothered me before, but its really getting to me lately. Robert doesn't think my teeth are all that bad, but I definately see that there could be room for improvement in that area.
For a mental quality that I would love to gain overnight, I would love to know another language. However, this is something that would be like a shared mental ability between Robert and I. Having a shared secret language between the two of us would be a God send although I'm not sure the conversations we would have in this secret language would be all that kosher.
Another quality I would like to gain overnight would be a social one. Making friends has never been that easy for me, but to be able to make friends super easy overnight would be a blessing. Or just being social in general. To be able to speak my mind with easy, or to be able to convey a message with any room for a misunderstanding would be amazing. With my friendships in the past miscommunication has always been an issue. I hope that the quality of being able to make friends easier with quality people is something that could be downloaded into my brain.
And isnt't that a thought? What if there were "programs" out there that you could "download" into your mind to try and make yourself a better person overnight. Qualities that could be purchased that taught your brain how to do something overnight while you slept. Oh man, I'm getting into some Science Fiction shit now. Let me quit while I'm ahead.

So my darlings, if you could gain a new quality overnight, what would it be and why? Let me know!


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