Sunday, November 2, 2014

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Happy Novemeber everyone! I honestly can't believe that we are one-third of my favorite part of the year! November seems to also fly by for me because I always look forward to the end of the month for my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving for me isn't so much of the historical value of the holiday, but more for my family's perspective on the day. I'm going to stop myself before I go into a tangent here about this, and I'll post about it more sometime later this month. Here's what been up with me currently.
Excited about: Now that Robert and I's North Carolina trip is done and overwith, I'm now focused on 4 main things right now. The first thing that I'm excited about is really silly. I'm excited about an oyster knife. I know, you can roll your eyes now. I touched on my family's "tradition" about oyster knives and I'm going to get an engraved one with my monogram. It's really silly, but it puts a smile on my face. After the oyster knife, I'm excited about the planner I'm going to be getting for next year, the Hobonichi Techo. I have to order it from Japan, but I'm so excited about a planner. Then after the planner, I'm excited about the upcoming holidays, My People's Thanksgiving Migration, and then Christmas/Yule. While in Asheville, Robert and I bought our 2014 orniment for this year. I also need to start planning gifts.
Worried about: This is more of a past worry, or a worry from early this morning, but I just about had a panic attack about leaving the cabin this morning. Robert and I have about 5% expeience with driving in snow. We were also in an area where one turn to fast could send you down the cliff face. I couldn't go to bed, and I ended up crying about it early this morning around 2 am about it when we were still in the cabin. But luckly Robert got us off the mountain safe and sound. I'm also worried about gifts for this year. I hope I haven't left them off too late.
Reading: While we were stuck at the cabin and the wifi was acting up, I decided to delve back into Game of Thrones. I got through a few chapters, but it's hard for me to read something I've already watched. Thanks HBO for ruining that.
Creating: Since the doodle explosion from last two weeks, my creative juices aren't really flowing. My imagination has really hit a slump with some of the worries that I've had. But I think that this weekend trip has rejuvenated my creativity process.
Loving: The new Triangle Char and Bar that opened up in Summerville. Triangle is a local chain that had locations in West Ashley and Mount Pleasant. There wasn't one that was close by. So when I heard that a location was opened in Summerville, I was estatic! I love when they have $1 mimosas durring brunch, or a peach sangria with dinner. It's for sure one of my favorite place to eat.
Hating: I was a bit bummed out on Saturday that we had been snowed in for the day and we really didnt get the chance to go out anywhere while we were on our trip, but I was also fun to really not do anything.
Wondering: The only thing I'm wondering about right now is when am I going to finish this post because I'm super tired.
Craving: Since the snow, I've been craving some homemade baked potato soup. Maybe I'll make it from scratch the first couple of days where it's under 60°.
Listening to: It's Novemeber, so you know what that means? Christmas music. I love listening to Trans-Siberian Orchestra as well as the Charlie Brown Christmas Special Soundtrack. These are on repeat now.
Netflixing: I'm not watching it on Netflix, but I am watching on Hulu the whole Mob Wives series. I love a good trashy reality show.
Playing: I've taken a bit of a break from gaming in general, but I do have a few games I'd liked to play like Destiny or Sunset Overdrive. But I need an XBox One for that.
Well I hope everyone had a happy weekend, and let me know, What are you up to currently?

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