Tuesday, October 21, 2014

»Yo Dawg! I heard you like blogging about blogging!«

Apparently I'm blogging about blogging so far this week. Today I wanted to share with y'all what tools I use to blog, both at home and while away. I know most of y'all are like, "Kasey, all you need is a computer to blog from home." And yes, y'all are right, that's really all you need, but sometimes I need to have places other than my computer to write down what I want for a blog. So let's get started. 

Here are the two things that stay home. On top is my wonderful journal that I got from Felecia in the Journal Swap that I blogged about earlier here, as well as my blog calendar. My blog calendar is filled with sticky notes where I try to outline and pre-plan my posts. It doesn't really happen all to often, and this is the second year that I've tried with this method. Since I barely ever get this thing out, I think I'm going to be rethinking my planning strategy. Next year, I'm going to be getting a daily planner, so I'm thinking some sort of personal hard copy journal along with outlines pre-planned in the dates. As far as the journal goes, I have a copy of the rest of this years Fifty-Two questions, as well as next year's, and the rest of the space goes to post outlines or fully written out posts. 

Here are the three most important digital blog-to-go necessities. Below is the iPad mini with the Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard case. These have been wonderful, and when blogging on the go, I use the Blogsy app, even though there have been layout issues with it in the past. I touch on it a bit on my post from yesterday, but I also use the app iDraw both on computer and on iPad for my post graphics. Of course, when on the move I use my iPhone 6 for all of my social media needs. Buffer comes in handy for that! Finally the little cord piece of equipment is my new Lightning to SD card cable for importing my photos from my camera to my iPad for editing and posting. 

When blogging on the go, even though having my iPhone handy, I like jotting my thoughts down in a little note book. In this notebook is another copy of the 52 posts for the year, followed by room for extra writing. I'm setting another little journal like this for next year, but the layout I'm using is a little different. As far as my pens, I always feel the most inspired when I write with a fountain pen. This is my Sailor Clear Candy fountain pen. While its a tad bit scratchy on my little Moleskine's paper, the nib is just the right size for jotting down thoughts. I also use the Papermate Inkjoy Quatro when I want to color code my thoughts. I used to carry around this God awful pencil case because I was carrying too much stuff. I'm so glad I condensed. Sometimes I carry a pencil as well, but sometimes I forget it.

So thats a look into all the things I use for blogging. I do think I'm a bit obsessed with stationery and office supplies.  Are y'all as obsessed with silly stuff like this as I am?

Really Late Fifty-Two post for week 40: What is the best way to spend an afternoon out? Best way to spend it in? 

My favorite way to spend an afternoon out is in a car to be honest. My favorite thing to do is traveling somewhere with Robert. I mean I love going shopping, but the conversations that Robert and I have while in the car driving are some of my favorite things in the world. Sometimes I try to mimic how the GPS says certain streets or town names, and we just crack up laughing. We could go somewhere and get lost and it would still be a fun time. And if there is a bit of shopping sprinkled in there is pretty awesome too. 

My favorite way to spend an afternoon in, is probably chilling out with Robert again, either watching a movie, or if want some alone time, I love spending an afternoon playing video games. Snacking on trail mix or popcorn while playing video games or a movie is always the best way to spend an afternoon.

What are your favorite ways to spend an afternoon?


  1. I love all of your tech goodies! There's something about writing post ideas down with a pen & paper over a text document. Every time I try to use a digital post calendar I end up not using it! Definitely feel ya on that & liking to use a certain pen.

    Hello from 20sb-- i'll be back!

  2. Welcome! And thank you Aime! That "something" is really very special! When I write with my fountain pen, I feel like my thought process slows down more than what it normally is and it forces me to really focus on what I say when I write. And digital calendar keeping has never worked for me in anything that I have to keep track of. I have to have some form of physical copy.


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