Monday, October 20, 2014

»midnight musings«

Oh man, was this blog post being out on time a failure. I had been intending to write something all day but I kept getting distracted by all sorts of nonsense. Like trying to paint my nails, or watching a podcast, or even trying to figure out how to make header images from my iPad. I've got the program that I use on mobile, but it's the exporting as a png for uploading into Blogsy that has me currently stumped and right at midnight. I feel sorry for Robert, trying to sleep as I keep tapping away at this bluetooth keyboard. As I'm sitting here typing this, I feel like I'm about to fall asleep. But I have a million thoughts that flow through my head, like the fact that I absolutely need to get my bangs trimmed and shaped up again. Or the fact that I've just now noticed that I have a pimple at my brow line that is about the size of one of my capture balls for my earrings. Or how about the fact that I'm setting my alarm for tomorrow to get me up on time, so I don't squander my day away and actually blog in a timely manor. I think it's just time for sleep.



Anyway, I said I'd play fifty-two pickup, so here it goes.

Missed Week 39: What are you looking foward to?

SInce South Carolina weather has actually decided to give us a proper fall, the things I'm looking foward to the most right now is Robert and I's mountain weekend getaway next weekend. We'll be spending some quality couple time up in Hot Springs, North Carolina in a little cabin in the mountains. I have cute outfits planned, and I'm going to force Robert to be my photographer, because real talk, I need a picture for my about me page, and I also need a new side bar photo.

I'm also looking foward to Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, and I could go on forever about my family and our tradions, but that is honsetly like a weeks worth of posts in November lol.

So, Question Time: What are y'all looking foward to? And what keeps you up at night?



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