Friday, October 31, 2014

»A Day in the Life: October 31, 2014«

Happy Halloween! I hope everyone's day is going as planned. Today was the day that I promised that I would show you what a day in my life looked like. Let me preface this by saying that today hasn't been a normal day for me. So far, I've only done a Day in my Life posts when I'm traveling. But I'll do a normal day once I have a job maybe? My normal days are really, really boring. Anyway, let's get the show on the road!


6:51 am. I normally never get up this early. It's a sin to get up this early. My alarm actually went off about 6:45, but Robert was in the shower and I layed in bed a little bit longer.

Shower time!
Clean teeth are an absolute necessity to feel like an acutal human being in the morning.
And we are on the road with the first time check of the day! In this picture, we are actually turning onto the road I grew up on. It just happens to be really close to wear we live currently.
Now for the fun part, the true start to the 279 journey to Hot Springs, NC. I honestly don't know why Robert picked this particular area of North Carolina, but writing this up now that I'm here, I see the appeal. It's a really rustic and beautiful part of North Carolina.

Time check! The only thing that's remotely cool about this picture is that I made my background for my phone. And really, that's not saying much.

Another picture from the interstate, with a familiar yet rarely seen face, the Piggly Wiggly Pig. Piggly Wiggly used to be really big in my home town, but a bunch of them are closing. The only one's open anymore are the privately owned ones.

A small bit of a time jump here. Between this picture and the last, Robert and I stopped to get breakfast at Chick-fil-A, where I felt really too awkward to take pictures of my breakfast. Plus I fell asleep. I always fall asleep in the car. I don't know what it is, but with out fail, I will fall asleep in a moving vehicle. This picture also shows when we crossed over into North Carolina. So based on the time, that's actually not a bad time from getting from the coast of Carolina into the Blue Rigde Region of the state.
This is just after rolling into North Carolina. Robert, who's never been to the mountains in the Southeast, was like what is that? I just had to laugh at him a bit. The first glimps of the mountains for the trip. The next couple of pictures are a bit of spam of the mountain ridge.
Now there is a bunch of time that was skipped between the last two pictures. After the mountain road pics were taken, we stopped by a quaint little grocery store called Ingal's Grocery. We picked up some things to snack on at the house. After driving on the most curvy road I've been on in my life, and missing the drive to the cabin, we finally arrived. The house/cabin that we are staying at has a pretty steep driveway. Poor Robert about had a panic attack because he didn't think that the car would make it up the hill with just two wheel drive. The owners of the home were up at the house cleaning and we kind of sat in the drive until they came down. Now they were driving a really old Buick, so I knew that the Ford would be able to make it up there. I told Robert to just gun it, and we made it up there! We sat around the house for a bit and checked it out before we ventured out for dinner. We went to the Iron Horse Inn and Resturant that's in Hot Springs proper, and had a wonderful dinner. Again I got caught up in the awkwardness of blogging about food, so no pictures of that. This is actually after dinner. Here's a quick tour of the house.
From the front hallway right as you walk in the door. The first door on the right is the bedroom in the previous pic.
And here's out of the front door. That hill just dips right on down there.
The living room/kitchen area. This little house has a beauiful view of the ridge which I'll get to in a minute.
The kitchen area. They also have this giant ass telescope. If I can figure out how to set it up and I'm not freezing, I want to check out all sorts of stars. But the weather! It's supposed to potentually snow up to a foot! It's a little hilarious that there's a sled in one of the closets in the room. Here's those views I was talking about.
And here it is, the last photo of the day, brushing the teeth again. Today's been a bit tiring, and I've been editing the photos since about 8:30ish, and it's 11 now. So I'm going to pass out now.
Tomorrow starts NaBloPoMo, and I hope to do better than I did with my week of posts. If you have any blog posts ideas, or anything you want me to answer or talk about, let me know because I need some serious inspiration.



  1. GORGEOUS! I am hoping to make a trip up to that area this month. We considered renting a cabin, but the owner hasn't emailed me back yet so I'm not too confident.

  2. It was amazing! So pretty, but again all the hills were crazy. Renting the cabin was amazing and feels just like your at home, but when it snowed it was eerily quiet that it was a tiny bit unnerving. I hope that you hear back from the owners soon.


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