Tuesday, September 30, 2014

»Journal Swap«

About a month ago, I stumbled upon a blog called Neatly-Packaged. The wonderful lady behind the blog, Nancy was going to be co-hosting a journal swap. Like an honest to blog, physical journal swap. My obsession with stationery and office supplies couldn't be held in check, and I had to sign up for it. I normally try to write out or at the very least outline my blog entries and I knew that this would be an excellent opportunity to reach out and get to know some bloggers. So I signed up for it the same day. 

A few days later, I got an email from Nancy letting me know who I was partnered up with for the journal swap. I was partnered with the lovely Felecia who writes about A Taste of the College Life which is a foodie and college lifestyle blog. Her blog has a lot of cool insights into sorority life and food while in college. I have to say that as a twenty-seven year old who has been known to eat lunchables and ice cream for dinner, Felecia's blog is a breath of fresh air for the cooking impaired. 

Felecia and I started exchanging emails so we could get to know each other better. And it turned out, we had a fairly few things in common. We both had a love of some southern staples like monograms, college football and pearl accessories. So when I tried to find a journal for my partner, I was looking into trying to find something that had some southern flair. 

I first tried to look into some options along the monogram route, but all my local sources wouldn't have what I needed in the time frame allowed. So I had to widen my options and look in a couple of places to try and find something perfect. I ended up finding a journal that I sent along to Felecia! You'll have to check out Felecia's blog to see the journal I sent her in exchange! EDIT: Here's the link to the journal I sent to Felecia!

As far as the journal I got, Felecia went above and beyond what I expected! Looks like Felecia's sources for custom vinyl was a bit quicker on the draw than mine. 

This journal has to be the cutest thing that I've seen with the little doe on the front! I've used journals like this for some of my other posts earlier in the year, but I've been running out of space in that journal. And this one has handly little zipper for important things.

Here is my new journal with my other blogging physical supplies, my calendar and my crammed-packed pencil case. Although the reason it's jammed packed could be due to the pair of scissors in there as well. 

If you're a new blogger and considering taking part in anything like this, whether it's a link up, a item exchange, or just anything along these lines, my best advice is to just put yourself out there! You'll never know who you'll meet or the friends you'll find. I know I've written about not having as many friends as I'd like and all that jazz, but seriously. Like the Nike commercials say, Just Do It! It's quite worth it!

Question Time! Have y'all participated in a link up or item exchange like this? Or if you know of some other places to find new bloggers other than stumbling on to them, where do look for new bloggers?  Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I'm so glad you like it! I had fun making it!

  2. I participated in Nancy's journal swap too! Still waiting on mine. Can't wait till it comes.


  3. I did this swap too and loved it. The journal she got you was so cute! Swaps like this are always a great way to meet new bloggy friends!

  4. I'm so glad that it was a positive experience for you! :) Love that she personalized it for you! Thanks for signing up for the swap.

  5. I find twitter is pretty ace for finding new bloggers, sometimes.
    Other than that, looking through comments is pretty awesome, not just comments of your blog, but blogs you follow.
    Lovely journal too!

  6. Gosh, So sorry it took so long to reply! I hope you've gotten your journal too!


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