Thursday, September 11, 2014

»fifty-two: week 37«

Happy Thursday! This is the third week that I've subbed a question. But y'all probably don't care about that. I hope everyone's is having a good week! I had to do a crazy thing this past week! I had to basically re-pierce my ears in my lowest piercing. I hadn't worn any kind of jewelry in those holes in forever. Both of my ears got really sensitive and really swollen for a couple of days, but the swelling has stopped and I'm wearing some old piercing studs in my ears for the next couple of weeks until the holes complete healing. I've got to keep earrings in my ears at all times apparently. 

Week 37: What do you want to be remembered by? 

Have y'all heard the best new song in the world? My world and mind exploded when I heard this fantastic music through my hearing ear holes. I've listened to this song 83 times since I downloaded it. Oh, did I not tell you the name of the song? It's Centuries by Fall Out Boy. You can listen to it here. 

"Some legends are told, some turn to dust or to gold...
But you will remember me, remember me for centuries. 
And just one mistake, is all it will take, 
We'll go down in history, remember me for centuries."

Holy Shit. This is one of those songs that just inspires greatness. It leaves you with the feeling that you can do anything. Several times while listening to this song, I've pictured myself going skydiving. I had honestly never considered going skydiving ever in my life before this. This song is an adrenaline rush in lyrical format. But I really need to stop waxing poetic all over this song. 

But getting on with the question, I guess I've always wanted to be remembered for writing. Like most people in school, you read The Diary of Anne Frank. And Anne's writing gave me quite the impression. I wanted to make an impact on the world using my words. Since then I've kept some sort of journal/diary. And this blog isn't really what it should be when I think of it. This should be where I express myself, my thoughts and feelings. Its a bit hard though after years of being so private. So I'm going to make a small daily goal for myself. I want to share more of myself on more consistent basis. I'm going to start small and try and tweet something every hour that I'm up, that's not something for my blog, but a thought that I'm thinking. And now is probably time for me to go to bed, because that sounds ridiculous. 

What do you want to be remembered for?

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  1. Love the song. I don't think I have a quick, straightforward answer to that question though. Must ponder.


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