Thursday, August 28, 2014

»fifty-two: week 35«

Happy Thursday! I had a mini-meltdown last night. I was thinking about blogging while traveling, in prep work for potential A Day in My Life posts in the future. I flipped out because I realized I didn't have a way to upload pictures from my camera while traveling since I normally use the iPad/Bluetooth Keyboard Case combo. So imagine my horror that lasted for 5 minutes before googling to see if Apple had an Lightning Port to SD card reader. And now imagine my relief that my google search came with a solution! Something to get before November. Also, if you like, you can click here to see my last day in the life post. Its an older post. Like 2009 old. Jeeze, that was five years ago... 

I honestly had a different question for today, but I couldn't answer it for the life of me. I ended up going with one of the backup questions I had saved. Lets get started!

Week 35: What bad habits do you want to break?

I have two horrible habits that I've had for years that I can't seem to get rid of no matter what I do. It frustrates me so much that I can't stop. I can't stop biting my nails and picking my lips. There, I said it, its out in the open. These habits even evolved into stress habits at my last job. Every day I would have to work, I would bite my nails while driving until I didn't have any nails left. Then when I wouldn't have any nails, I would move to biting my lips. When I would get to work, my lips would be bleeding. It was just so gross. I could never wear anything on my lips other than lip balm which would get eaten off in the process. I never wear any thing on my nails because a.) I don't know how to properly paint my nails without messing up. And B.) I end up biting my nails even with the nail polish.

Since being let go, I don't pick my lips too much, but it still happens. Right now I'm applying so much lip balm in hope to heal my lips. I still tend to bite my nails while driving, but since the weather is cooling down a bit, I try to keep my window open and my arm hanging out to enjoy the weather. I should probably invest in some sort of anti-bite polish for my nails, right? Probably...

Please let me know I'm not alone in these horrible habits. Do you have a habit you'd like to break? Or if you had one of my habits, what did you do to break them? Let me know in the comments below! 


  1. I don't bite my nails, but rather the skin along the sides of the nail. It's definitely a bad habit. I started wearing nail polish about 8 months ago, painting my nail once a week. I also suck at doing it, but all the nail polish scrubs off of the skin around the nail within a day ;) Anyways, it has helped me with keeping my fingers away from my mouth a little bit...

  2. My mother in law and my husband tend to have this habit too. I'm going to attempt start painting my nails again. I would always get frustrated if the polished chipped, but I'm going to try again!

  3. I also keep my fingernails quite short, which makes the nail polish last longer (it always chips at the tips within 3 days or so when my nails extend past the end of my finger).


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