Thursday, August 21, 2014

»fifty-two: week 34«

Happy Thursday! Another week has passed and I've been a bit slack with my posts. But I promise that I have stuff in the works! The Blog even got a quick face lift this morning. If your going to check it out, I'd stick around just the first page so far. I have to go back and edit some posts with the updated graphics, but what do you think about the colors? I love a good teal mixed with gold! Also don't mind the sidebar picture too much. I have to take a decent picture before I can update that. Tomorrow I'll hopefully have it changed, or at least by Sunday! Anyway, on to the question.

Week 34: Do you think that you are the same person in life than the person you are in your head?
I think that everyone sees themselves differently in their own heads than how they present themselves in real life. Everyone has a vision of how they see themselves, and everyone has a vision of how they wished they were.
Personally, the person that I imagine in my mind is so vastly different than the person I am in reality. The person in my head, or the Kasey that I wish to be is so much more than who I am in reality. The Kasey in my head is so much more confident and vocal about her thoughts and feelings. She is more active and she stays fit. She is sociable and has friends she can count on. She is more organized and she is a hell of a lot more put together and fashionable. She is a bit more spiritual and an active practitioner. She is a bit more bitchy when she has to be, but is still classy and knows how to kill them with kindness. She's a queen.
And now I sound a little crazy, to be honest. The Kasey in my head, she is the person I want to be. She is the symbol of an obtainable goal. She's a pretty lofty goal, but she isn't impossible for me to become. But the reason that she is currently just a goal is my own insecurities. I haven't yet gathered the courage to start this journey to becoming the Kasey in my head. Though I think that moment is coming soon. With my still not having a job, and Rob is working longer hours with the goal of a promotion, I've only been doing things to pass the time. But it's high time for me to be utilizing the time to become the Kasey I see in my head. I just have to push myself. I have to find the drive and the want to be the person I imagine in my head. 

So question time: Do you see the same person in your head that's on the outside or are there several versions of yourself? Do you want to be the person in your head? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great Thursday!


  1. Hmmm, I think I'm the same person in my head that's outside for the most part. I'm not one to hold back if I feel I'm being mistreated. I would definitively speak up.

  2. The new look is lovely. I think I am pretty much the same

  3. I hope I'm in the same in my head and in the real world!

  4. That's great! I have instances where I can speak up and defend myself but I also have those moments where I can be pretty cowardly. But it's definitely something to work on!

  5. I just hope I get the drive to become that ideal me. It's not that I think so negatively of my current self, I just see that I have this potential to be "more" and I just have to work a bit to get there. :)


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