Thursday, August 14, 2014

»fifty-two : week 33«

Happy Thursday everyone. I hope everyone has had a good week so far, here is the latest 52 post! We've only got 19 weeks left of 2014. I've already got my list of questions for 2015.

Week 33: Write about the craziest thing you've done in your life.

This is an amazing question, however, I have a less than amazing answer. I'm not a huge risk taker. I don't put myself out there like I probably should, and I'm okay with that. But if I were to put myself out there, either, I have an amazing time, or I fuck up spectacularly.

Example A is that amazing time. When I was 15, I was in a international girl's group. The group's popularity comes and goes through the years and it is under the Masonic family of organizations. But anyway, every two years the group had what is called Supreme Assembly, which is the international event. That year, one of the Senior Advisors of our state was a very high ranking official during the assembly, so a lot of the girls from South Carolina were expected to go. I had been chosen as a girls representative for our state so I had to go. I enjoyed my time. We were also able to go on outings, one of those outings was to go to Royal Gorge Park. We took a scenic train ride to the park and then walked over the highest suspension bridge in the United States. My mom, a few of the girls from our group and myself, walked across the bridge which spans across the Royal Gorge at 955 feet above the Arkansas River. I remember walking across it and seeing snow flurries fall down. This southern girl hadn't seen much more snow than that. That experience was so beautiful, that I want to go again. I'm trying to convince Robert that Colorado Springs is the place to go for our next vacation.

Example B of the craziest thing I've done, I'm honestly ashamed of. I also want to apologize for generalizing this and not naming any other names. Like I said above, while I didn't do the thing, I'm pretty ashamed I had any part in it. That said, I had just met Robert, and we were friends during that time. There were two girls I was also friends with, and they themselves were going through a rough patch in their own friendship. Robert and I had been hanging out with one of those girls one night, and she had decided that she wanted to do something to piss off the other girl. This girl was very angry in her youth and was very destructive. I would say she was a textbook drama queen and toxic friend, but that would be giving her too much credit. Anyway, she decided that she wanted to mess with the other girl's truck while she was working. Robert didn't really care too much about the situation, but since I was friends with both of the girls, I tried to calm down the girl I was with. So instead of keying her car, I advised to do something that wasn't any kind of permanent damage. I had stated that window markers shouldn't be too hard to get off, and the other girl went with it. She bought the markers at a store close to the other girls work site, and with Robert and I in the car, she wrote, "C*$T Bitch" on the truck's windshield. Stupid right? Truck Girl and I didn't speak again for about two years, and Truck Girl is actually another toxic friend that I talked about in my Honesty Hour post. Marker Girl and I just drifted apart a few years after that. I really didn't agree with a lot of the life choices she was making and I honestly didn't want to put up with her drama anymore.

In the end, the long and the short of it is the simple fact that crazy and the drama that surrounds it, isn't always a good thing, or at least I don't have the energy to put up with it. I have to ask though, what are some other crazy things that you've gotten into or done? I'd like to know how tame my stories are. 


  1. I was the boring girl but I think my craziest thing was walking home afte midnight as a teen from a fair..LOL I know - lame. :D

  2. I think that has to do with location though. The closest fairgrounds are in a sketchy part of town where I live. If I had walked home or attempted to walk home from there as a kid, I would have gotten grounded for sure!

  3. That was my exact situation...LOL Luckily my grandmother never found out.

  4. I've done some crazy things, but it's nothing I want to share with the world, haha.. Orange isn't my color, if you get what I'm saying, hahaha

  5. If I'm catching the right drift, haha, this is why I've never had the nerve to bleach my hair so I can color it a really bright color! haha


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