Sunday, July 20, 2014

»weekend wrap up: week 29«

»I had some errands to run on Monday which included getting my car washed. I hadn't washed my poor car in forever.

»After my errands I stopped by my mom's house to pick up some tomatoes that my Grannie grew in her backyard. My babe Grizzly didn't want to take pictures.

» Feeling so fresh and so clean! haha, my wet hair, don't care selfie

» Its been a weekend of amazing food! Steak and potatoes last night, roast beef sandwiches this week. I'm so close to being in a food coma!

I don't have much that's caught my eye this week to be honest. But I did post more than I normally do! 4 posts in a week! World record! Including a link up!

I also started doing some yoga. That's been interesting.

Currently (this week)
»Thinking: Honestly, not much. The food coma is setting in. I'm going to be passing out tonight!
»Feeling: A bit achy to be honest. I have a wonderful headache settling in as well as this food coma.
»Watching: SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL, Hell's Kitchen, and I'm still watching Ghost Adventures.
»Listening: Fall Out Boy's Save Rock and Roll album. So addicting!

Hope y'all had a great weekend! Have a good week!

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