Sunday, July 13, 2014

»weekend wrap up: week 28«

» I had an Indiana Jones marathon on Thursday! I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Last Crusade and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I can't for life of me watch Temple of Doom. It's so cringeworthy.

» I also attempted to make a scrambled egg burrito. I forgot to heat up the torrita and so this happened.

» My fantastic sister in law Brittany is home and we decided to make S'more brownies. This is how they came out! I'm pretty proud of them!

» Selfie with Bob at dinner with his family!

Here are some things that have been catching my eye around the web this week!

xo Mia lived the life that I wanted to the past weekend and witnessed some amazing street style at the con that I wanted to be at!

Fantastic News from the Potterverse this week! JK Rowling released a short story about the gang. Such Excite! Go 'Puffs!

This xojane article is exactly what you should expect if I was going to do a make up tutorial, but I don't even come close to looking a live sometimes.

I found Janine Basil's etsy store, and all I can do is drool over the Glow in the Dark Star Headband. I'm so desperate to have it!

Currently (this week lol)
»Thinking: About fall! I can't wait for fall weather to come so I can break out the jeans and boots.
» Feeling: Sleepy. I had Pineapple Mimosas on Saturday. Champagne makes me super tired.
» Watching: Ghost Adventures, Indiana Jones and Disney Movies
» Listening: Dub music. Best Music to write too!


  1. I can't wait for fall either! I can't see the pics of the brownies but I'm sure they were delicious :)


    1. Fall is always so far away where I live. In South Carolina its not fall until November, really. And I'm sorry about the pics! I totally set this post on schedule and then forgot to put in the graphic! The picture is there now, haha!



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