Thursday, July 10, 2014

»fifty two: week 28«

Fifty-two is a weekly series where I take questions that I found on the internet and answer them. I just hope I don't sound really silly answering them!

Week 28: If you saw someone breaking the law, would you turn them in?

This is always the hardest interview question an employer can ask, haha. But after some proper brainstorming, which is something that I never do, I have my thoughts all lined out for this answer! So lets get started! 

There are things that I wouldn't necessarily report. Things like underage drinking, which in South Carolina, isn't illegal if a person under the age of 21 consumes alcohol if they are on private property that doesn't sell liquor, with or without parental permission. There are other circumstances in South Carolina where drinking under age is legal, but that's not the purpose of my post today. Other things like drugs, I wouldn't necessarily report it. I believe that it's a person's choice to partake in things like drugs, but if they are caught with them on their persons then according to the law, they're breaking the law. 

Which leads me into my next point with things like speeding. I'm honestly not going to call up my local law enforcement department and say "Hey, I'm going 82 in a 60 down I-26." Its not feasible for law enforcement to ticket or fine me. Now if I'm caught, its just like how I feel about drugs. If I'm caught, I'm caught. 

Now things like stealing, I have a certain thoughts about it. If small things like food or office supplies, I'd like to know why the person is stealing. If there is no cause for it, then yeah, I'm going to report it. But if there is a reason, like being too poor to afford food, then I would give the person a one time chance and try to find an option to help them out, but the second time they steal, I'd report it. If it was a major thing that the person is stealing like clothes or electronics, then yes, they are getting reported immediately. 

And of course if its a major crime, like breaking and entering, murder, and the like, its getting reported immediately as well. 

Wow. I've really said a lot about this. I've got to line out my ideas more often! 

Have a Tremendous Thursday!

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