Thursday, July 31, 2014

»fifty two: week 31«

Hey.. its the weekly post thingy that I do every week... hey, we have 21 more weeks of these things... yay...

Week 31: Before calling someone, do you rehearse what you're going to say?

I've done something like this since I was very little for just about any conversation that I've ever tried to have. I've always rehearsed conversations in my head. If it was something with my friends or family. I'd try and think of every possibility so I'd have something to combat and win the argument with. Most of the time, this normally occurs when I'm in the shower or when I'm driving. It got worse when I was working, but since I'm not working any more, it doesn't happen anymore. It used to cause a lot of stress on me. I'm glad that that's over.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

»weekend wrap-up: week 30«

»When I went to my mom's on Tuesday, I decided to snap a few pictures of pictures of me growing up for Throwback Thursday. This happens to be one of my favorite pictures of me as a baby. So happy, so carefree.

» This is the tube of Burt's Bees that just won't quit. Since I've never completely used a tube of chapstick until it's empty, to finish out this tube of lip balm has been a silly goal of mine. So I marked the date on this one, and its still going strong! I have a couple other ones that I've opened and marked the date with because I thought I lost this one, but this is the oldest one!

»Testing out my new Razer Kraken Pro's. I got a good deal on them, and so far the audio is so much better then when I use earbuds. I'll have a full review for them on Monday.

» My migraine selfie. I didn't wake up with this migraine, but sometimes my eyes go all wonky and its like I see a little semi-visible line that floats in my eye, and then BAM! full blown migraine. So I spent most of the day with my eye mask and just floating with some ambient white noise.

I again don't have any links that have caught my eye this week, but then again, I haven't been just sat at the computer all week. Hopefully next time!

Friday, July 25, 2014

»Honesty Hour # 1: On Friends and Loneliness«

I'm currently sitting at my desk, listening to the rain and the thunder as it pounds on the house roof. The thunder drums along oddly enough to iTune's Country Summer Songs playlist. The thunder shakes the house and the windows rattle. I honestly had inspiration strike me like the lightning that is fighting to show itself outside, but as quickly as it came, I can't remember quite what I wanted to say.  It happens, but it happens to me all too much. 

This week was a bad one. I felt lonely and unwanted. I felt uninspired and just tired. But that's an My American Heart song. This week has been a frequent reminder that without a job, I'm currently just waiting for Robert to come home for me to be social. I honestly don't have friends. Hell, I don't even have a best friend. Its a fault of mine. I demand too much out of my friends. And when they don't meet my levels of satisfaction, I want nothing to do with them. Its sad and lonely. 

I used to have a best friend. We had grown up together in a way. We were neighbors at the same age with a similar upbringing. But as we grew older we grew apart. We went in different directions. But she came back. We grew close again but there was a fallout. I made a wrong decision. We didn't talk for a while. I grew up a bit without her. She grew up without me. We both fell in love with good men, we had similar interests again. We grew together, but this last time, there was another fallout. I expected her to put forth the same amount of effort that I had in our relationship. I needed the best friend, but she saw me as a fair weather friend. Someone who she could blow off at any point in time, where she would waltz back into my life and into our friendship at any time. You might think me being silly or stupid, but I wasn't having it. I was tired of being sad and lonely waiting on her to be my friend. So I made the decision to be sad and lonely but I wouldn't wait on her any more. I stopped talking to her. I removed her from my facebook, and I didn't know her on any other social media. I cut her from my life. 

And that was what, three years ago? I haven't had a proper friend just for me in the past three years. I thought I was doing fine, that I can handle it. But I'm not. I'm sad, and my heart aches in a way that I can't even describe properly. And I love Robert with all of my heart, don't get me wrong. Robert is a good friend and a great husband. But it's not like I can ask him to lunch so I bitch about him. I don't have someone I can take shopping who will give me an honest opinion that the outfit I'm wearing is shit. I need a friend who I can call at 2 in morning if I had to. 

But going back to that fault of mine, I demand too much out of what I'm looking for in a friend. Ideally, my friend would be a lady around my age, in a similar situation to mine, married or engaged. Not looking to have kids, or kids being far off in the distance. Similar interests in movies, books, and tv. Someone I can text while Project Runway is on, or someone I can invite over for a Doctor Who party. Someone who good to have an afternoon, baking and drinking wine, or someone up for some Magical Midnight Margaritas/Mimosas. Someone who fills the void of Sister from another Mister. But I demand way to much. 

Talk about honesty hour. What do you look for in a friend. Are you okay with "fair-weather friends" or do you like a friend who's just yours?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

»fifty-two: week 30«

Welcome to Thursday! This is your blogger Kasey speaking, and I'd like to remind you that while reading this weekly blog feature to keep a glass of wine with in reaching distance. I hope that you enjoy the post and will read Antlers & Anchors in the future!

Week 30: If you could be invisible for one day, what would you do?

When I first read this question in preparation for writing this post, the first things that came to mind were illegal in nature. I mean, the power of invisibility is really only good for examining the more impressive specimens of human beings without their clothes on, am I right?

But the more I thought about it, I'd like to use my invisible powers for good, and not just for the benefit of my eyes only. I don't know how I'd go about doing it, but I'd like to do little tricks of good deeds. For example, if you've ever seen a post it note in a bathroom or changing room saying "Hey good looking!" But instead of a post it note, I would love to go up to a person while invisible and like whisper in their ear, "Don't worry, you're not crazy, but you are looking beautiful today!" or "Please smile, you look amazing!" Things like that. Kindness can go a long way for a person. Or I would love to lead a person on some sort of magical adventure for today. Like a scavenger hunt, just to show a person how special they are. Everyone deserves a day just for them where they feel like the prince or princess.

That being said, what would you do if you were invisible for a day?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

»weekend wrap up: week 29«

»I had some errands to run on Monday which included getting my car washed. I hadn't washed my poor car in forever.

»After my errands I stopped by my mom's house to pick up some tomatoes that my Grannie grew in her backyard. My babe Grizzly didn't want to take pictures.

» Feeling so fresh and so clean! haha, my wet hair, don't care selfie

» Its been a weekend of amazing food! Steak and potatoes last night, roast beef sandwiches this week. I'm so close to being in a food coma!

I don't have much that's caught my eye this week to be honest. But I did post more than I normally do! 4 posts in a week! World record! Including a link up!

I also started doing some yoga. That's been interesting.

Currently (this week)
»Thinking: Honestly, not much. The food coma is setting in. I'm going to be passing out tonight!
»Feeling: A bit achy to be honest. I have a wonderful headache settling in as well as this food coma.
»Watching: SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL, Hell's Kitchen, and I'm still watching Ghost Adventures.
»Listening: Fall Out Boy's Save Rock and Roll album. So addicting!

Hope y'all had a great weekend! Have a good week!

Friday, July 18, 2014

» the blogmopolitan quiz«

Hey there I'm trying something new today! I'm doing a link up! If you've been following my blog for a while, you probably haven't read about me writing about friends. To be honest, its because I don't really have friends. This is step 9000 of me trying to spread my wings and find that close circle of girl friends that I can skype call at any time, that I can invite over for midnight mimosas, who I can honestly say that I have a sister or sisters, besides my actual sister-in-law. (Don't worry Britt, I still love you! :) )

I'm trying to become more active in blogging social circles, but its kind of hard. I mean, most bloggers in my area are Christians or Mothers. Which isn't a bad thing, but what does a Child-Free Witch have in common with them. But anywho, today's link up is me reaching out on my blog, along with me reaching out to some of the other bloggers in the link up! Thanks to Erin @ Two Thirds Hazel for hosting!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

»fifty-two: week 29«

Fifty two is a weekly post that I like to do. I answer these things as openly and and thought out as possible. Here we go!

Week 29: What is your idea of a perfect romantic evening? Who is your date?

This is a fairly easy question, and I'll make sure I link it to my husband. Note to Robert, possibly sometime this fall?

So the perfect romantic evening would be spent with my husband Rob. As far as what to do, that's a bit harder. I love to have a picnic at sunset at the beach. As far as dinner goes, something light like a starter of apples, cheese, grapes with caramel dipping sauce. Followed by a chicken salad sandwich with a side of pasta salad and pita and hummus. Drinks could either be tea or a bit of wine, and we would conclude the evening with stargazing on the beach.

The troublesome thing about this date is Rob hates the beach, and the thought of the beach. He hates the sand and everything. But I think that if he were to set aside this hate of the sand and the beach and whip up a evening like this, I think I would cry because it would have been the most romantic thing in the world for me.

Have a happy Thursday!

Monday, July 14, 2014

»shark awareness day!«

Image Source : Carnivora Edited by KLB
Its not officially Shark Week yet, but while we wait for August 10th to get here, it is Shark Awareness Day! I'm not entirely sure why one day out of so many is Shark Awareness Day, but enjoy some of the info I've gathered here!

❖ The image above is an image of Sphyrna gilberti, or the Carolina Hammerhead Shark! This is a relatively new species of shark that was first published about in August 2013. The reason this shark is so different from the common Scalloped Hammerhead is that this particular shark has less vertebrae then the Scalloped Hammerhead. I just think that its really nifty that there is shark that named after the home state!

❖ The Carolina Hammerhead isn't the only shark in the waters though! There is a current total of 40 shark species that call the Carolina coast home. Other species include the super weird looking Kitefin Shark and Bigeye Thresher. We have both the Longfin and Shortfin Mako Sharks and the magnificent Sharpnose Sevengill Shark. And South Carolina wouldn't be South Carolina without being home to the great White shark!

❖ Speaking of cool shark news! Everyone's favorite shark movie, Sharknado is getting a video game. I honestly don't know how I feel about this one, but hey, more sharks!

❖ The local aquarium, South Carolina Aquarium, is coming out with a new exhibit next spring called Shark Shallows. The aquarium has always had an exhibit where you could touch the rays, but to be able to touch sharks too? I've got to go!

In relation to sharks, here are some things that are shark themed that I would love to own!

Fresh Take Shark Leggings // A Jaw Dropping Shower Curtain // This Shark Sleeping Bag // One Hammerhead Necklace please! // Some slightly different shark socks // A red colored tea would be a fantastic belend with a Shark tea infuser!!

I hope everyone has wonderful day, and I hope that these shark facts have put a smile on your face like this guy!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

»weekend wrap up: week 28«

» I had an Indiana Jones marathon on Thursday! I watched Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Last Crusade and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. I can't for life of me watch Temple of Doom. It's so cringeworthy.

» I also attempted to make a scrambled egg burrito. I forgot to heat up the torrita and so this happened.

» My fantastic sister in law Brittany is home and we decided to make S'more brownies. This is how they came out! I'm pretty proud of them!

» Selfie with Bob at dinner with his family!

Here are some things that have been catching my eye around the web this week!

xo Mia lived the life that I wanted to the past weekend and witnessed some amazing street style at the con that I wanted to be at!

Fantastic News from the Potterverse this week! JK Rowling released a short story about the gang. Such Excite! Go 'Puffs!

This xojane article is exactly what you should expect if I was going to do a make up tutorial, but I don't even come close to looking a live sometimes.

I found Janine Basil's etsy store, and all I can do is drool over the Glow in the Dark Star Headband. I'm so desperate to have it!

Currently (this week lol)
»Thinking: About fall! I can't wait for fall weather to come so I can break out the jeans and boots.
» Feeling: Sleepy. I had Pineapple Mimosas on Saturday. Champagne makes me super tired.
» Watching: Ghost Adventures, Indiana Jones and Disney Movies
» Listening: Dub music. Best Music to write too!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

»fifty two: week 28«

Fifty-two is a weekly series where I take questions that I found on the internet and answer them. I just hope I don't sound really silly answering them!

Week 28: If you saw someone breaking the law, would you turn them in?

This is always the hardest interview question an employer can ask, haha. But after some proper brainstorming, which is something that I never do, I have my thoughts all lined out for this answer! So lets get started! 

There are things that I wouldn't necessarily report. Things like underage drinking, which in South Carolina, isn't illegal if a person under the age of 21 consumes alcohol if they are on private property that doesn't sell liquor, with or without parental permission. There are other circumstances in South Carolina where drinking under age is legal, but that's not the purpose of my post today. Other things like drugs, I wouldn't necessarily report it. I believe that it's a person's choice to partake in things like drugs, but if they are caught with them on their persons then according to the law, they're breaking the law. 

Which leads me into my next point with things like speeding. I'm honestly not going to call up my local law enforcement department and say "Hey, I'm going 82 in a 60 down I-26." Its not feasible for law enforcement to ticket or fine me. Now if I'm caught, its just like how I feel about drugs. If I'm caught, I'm caught. 

Now things like stealing, I have a certain thoughts about it. If small things like food or office supplies, I'd like to know why the person is stealing. If there is no cause for it, then yeah, I'm going to report it. But if there is a reason, like being too poor to afford food, then I would give the person a one time chance and try to find an option to help them out, but the second time they steal, I'd report it. If it was a major thing that the person is stealing like clothes or electronics, then yes, they are getting reported immediately. 

And of course if its a major crime, like breaking and entering, murder, and the like, its getting reported immediately as well. 

Wow. I've really said a lot about this. I've got to line out my ideas more often! 

Have a Tremendous Thursday!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

»fifty two week 27«

Fifty Two is a weekly series where I answer some questions I found on the internet! I really hope I don't sound too silly answering them! 

Week 27: What do you love? Have your recent actions openly express your love?

I honestly love blogging. I think about things I want to post, but most of the time, I have a hard time figuring out what I'd like to say. Sometimes my thought process gets all jumbled and the things I want to write about just don't come out, or I just don't know how to put into words. I'm taking the month of July to push through the writers block thought process. I also get distracted sometimes when trying to post. Hopefully y'all will see proper posts from me the entire month, with the exception of Sundays. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

»hello july + final 52 pick up!«

I can't believe that half the year has already passed. Its been really crazy. So far my year has been like this: I got married, I lost my job, Rob and I moved back into the in-laws. Its been a roller coaster of a year. While I love a good roller coaster, I'd like something a bit more steady than the ride I've been on lately. That being said, I have some ground-working that I want to plan out for the next half year to accomplish by the end of it.

July Goals: 
» Get that Job! I'm coming up on 2 months without a job. I really need to get back in the saddle.
» Blog a bit more! I'm currently thinking of another series to kind of end the week with a nice little bow on top.
» Get into yoga! If I don't get a job, instead of lounging around, I could be doing something good for my body.

And that's about it. I'm glad that June is gone. It was hard knowing that June was going to be the last month Rob and I had our freedom in in our home. But I'm so happy all the family that assisted us with moving over the weekend. But here's to a new month.

And here is the final two catch-up 52 posts! See you on Thursday for our normally scheduled 52 post.

Week 24: If you won a million dollars today, would you quit your job? 

Well, if I had a job I loved and won a million dollars, I probably wouldn't quit my job. But if I had still been at my old job, hell yes I would have quit.

Week 25: If you were on a deserted island, what one book would you want with you?