Thursday, June 26, 2014

»fifty two week 26«

52 is a series where I answer a question every week. These are a bunch of questions that I just found and put in a randomizer. Hopefully I don't sound like an idiot in most of these.

Week 26: If you died today, would you say that you lived your life to the fullest?

Hate to say it, but no I don't think I've lived my life to the fullest. There are things that I want to do in my life that I haven't quite accomplished all that I wanted. I want to go cruising in the Caribbean, I want to go shopping in Paris. I want to eat crepes in a park in Japan. There are so many things that I want to do in my life that I haven't the chance to do yet, but with this set back with losing my job. I don't have the funds to be able to go out and do things. Maybe I can convince my husband to take me on that cruise. :) 

And here's the make up questions. 

Week 22: Name something you would do if you could not fail. 

Man, If there was something that I would be guaranteed not to fail at? Life 100% not be able to fail at? I was initially thinking of something along the lines of being the leader of the first Mars Colony or climb Mt. Everest or explore the Marianas Trench. Something huge and epic. But lets shoot small and say I can have a successful blog. I feel that I treat my blog as a job and not the journal it should be treated as. I want this little spot on the internet to be my life and my mark on the world. Maybe I just need to get out of the house more and live a little bit so I can report back more often. 

Week 23: What is your most treasured memory from your life?

I think that my most treasured memory currently is seeing Robert's face when we said our vows at the courthouse. The goofball had the biggest smile on his face and a few tears in his eyes. He looked like a giddy school child. That look of happiness on his face is probably the happiest I've ever seen him. I'm looking forward to creating more memories with him like that throughout our lives. 


  1. These is such a neat post series, I love it!



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