Tuesday, June 24, 2014

»Candles, candles, candles + 52 pickup part 2«

Hey finally a post with pictures! Rob and I are in the process of moving out of our apartment. Unfortunately because of my job situation we can no longer afford it. Sad days. But silver lining is that I can get rid all these candles that I've accumulated over the past 3 years. So while taking breaks going with packing, I put together this little post about what to do with the jars of your candles after using them all up! But first you have to clean out all that remaining wax. So here's my method of getting rid of wax in glass candle jars!

Steps One and Two

So first things first, you've got to melt your wax. I like to use a generic candle warmer. I normally burn the wicks when I use the candles, but when there is less than half an inch of the candle, there isn't really much point in trying to burn them any more. And in my experience the candle won't burn anymore anyway. Once all the wax is melted, you want to put some water in the glass jar. The reason why you want to do this is because the wax hates water, so it will leave some nice little pockets in the wax and it will force the wax to float to the surface. Once you got some water in there, you want to put the candle in the freezer so that the hot wax can cool down. If the water freezes that's okay, just let it thaw out.

Steps Three and Four

Now for the fun parts! Go ahead and take the candle jar out of the freezer. The wax should flexible enough to be able to stab the heck out it. I started by stabbing the wax with a chopstick I had laying around, but to really get everything out of the jar, I pulled out an Exacto knife. Before you really get into digging the wax out, if there is any water in the candle, make sure that you drain it before you really start trying to remove the wax. Once you have all the wax removed, go ahead and soak the candle in warm, soapy water. The water should be warm in case there is any hardened wax is still in the jar, and so that the labels can be removed as well.

And that's pretty much it. I don't have any pictures of this particular jar while its clean because I scrubbed the label to hard and cracked the jar. I have a few more candles in this size, but here are what some of the ones I did as they were drying!

So here's the two fifty-two post for today!

Week 18: What is your most embarrassing or funniest moment?

I don't think I have many embarrassing moments? But since my brain likes to confuse my words and pronunciation, there have been pretty funny moments because I can't talk or something along those lines. There have been times that I've said something with Rob, and it just cracks him up. But one that stands out was when we were in DC last year, we were using Google maps and it said a street name really funny, and I just repeated the same way it said it, but in a funny voice. We joked about that street name the entire rest of the trip.

Week 19: What is the one thing that you are most proud of?

I can't really say that I'm proud that I'm married or anything like that, but I will say that one of my main achievements has been graduating high school. It sounds really silly right now and when I say it out loud, but I didn't think I would graduate on time, and being able to pass and graduate with my class without any summer school or being held back was really a good moment for me.

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