Monday, March 17, 2014

»leaving on a jet plane«

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! I'm currently hanging out at LaGuardia Airport waiting for Rob and I's flight back to Chuck-town. Wondering why I was in NYC? Well, Rob and I normally go on a big vacation every early spring, and this year happened to be NYC year again. This year also doubled as our honeymoon!

This year's trip has been really laid back. When we go to New York, we like to explore the city, as if we were living there. We really don't do too much of the touristy things. We arrived in NYC on the 12th, and we pretty much stuck around the hotel for the most part of the trip. We did take little excursions around the city. We spent a bit playing pinball at Modern Pinball NYC. We had lunch at Bareburger. I tried to take my DS to the Nintendo World Store, but for some reason my 3DS wasn't charged. I did get a bunch of street passes though. The main course or the highlight of the trip was Rob scored tickets to the New York Rangers vs San Jose Sharks. We were in the nosebleed sections of Madison Square Garden! It was so high up! I am a bit bummed that the game we went to, the Rangers lost. But hey, you win some, and you lose some.

Well folks, the plane is about to board and I think I should go ahead a put away the iPad so I'm ready to go when ever I can!
XO, Kase


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