Wednesday, January 1, 2014

happy new year

Hey Y'all. I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year! I spent mine like I wanted, at home, in bed and glued to my Nintendo 3DS. Rob did really well and got me somethings that I needed like my new keyboard for my ipad mini that I'm now typing from. I hope to be really productive with it and document my life a little bit more then I did in 2013. He also got me some thing that are going to make the cold winter days go by a little faster. I was spoiled and got Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Legand of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. But more about that later.
Its offically 2014, and I've got some goals in mind that I want to complete this year. But I want to stress that I while I do want to grow, I also want to maintain my current level of happiness. With my new work schedule in place, I shouldn't be as stress as I was for the past six months. So on the work front I should be a lot happier. But in all other areas of my life, maintaining where I'm at now is the minimum. I do have things I want to do to make my life a little bit easier or happier, but if I end 2014 feeling like I did today, I'll be good.
That said, here is a basic outline that I want to accomplish this year.
1.) This will take forever, but have Rob teach me how to play Magic the Gathering. We need to have a hobby or something we can do or play together. And Rob is all over Magic.
2.) This is not a resolution, nor a ultimatum, but I do need to eat healthier. I'm going to aim to try and eat healthy again. Meaning I need to take over the grocery shopping back over from Rob.
1. ) Complete 12 Days in My Life. I used to do these every so often back when I used to keep up with my livejournal and I miss doing them. Its time to bring it back, and I hope to do one every month.
2.) Complete my new series, 52! Basically, I found a list of questions that I plan to ask myself every Thursday this year. First one going up in a few hours.
3.) Socialize. I need to meet more bloggers!
So thats, pretty much it for my goals for this year! Happy New Year again!


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