Thursday, January 16, 2014


52 is a series where I answer a question every week. These are a bunch of questions that I just found and put in a randomizer. Hopefully I don't sound like an idiot in most of these.


Question 3: What are three things that you regret not learning to do?

I'm going to preface this by saying with the exception of one of these, I can still learn. I still have the time to learn these things and one day, I will.

The first thing I regret not learning is how to make homemade biscuits from my grandmother. I watched her make those wonderful pieces of buttery goodness plenty of times, and I remember asking her how to do it, but I never was able to make them just like she did. To be honest, no one in my family was able to recreate those buscuits after she passed even though they did actually learn from her, but I guess that's how food is growing up. The original is the best and that it can't be recreated.

Another thing I regret not learning is another language. I took classes in high school and my short stint in college, but nothing ever stuck with me. I took German in high school, but my Frau was the bitch of the school, that no one liked, and I couldn't pay attention. In college, I took Spanish, and I had no interest in it. But like I said, I always have time to learn another language. If I try again, I want to learn French.

Lastly, the final thing I regret not learning is some sort of talent you learn as a kid. Like how to do a cartwheel, or how to juggle. I know its kind of frivolus and silly, but I think that if I were to ever had kids, I can show them how to do that.

What's something that you regret not learning?

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