Sunday, October 6, 2013

Uh, hi. Long time no see? How are you doing? I know its been a while, but I'm happy to report that I'm alive! So what have I been up to? Not much. 

Well... There are a couple of things that I could talk about, like when Robert forgot that there was a pizza box in the oven which caused a small fire. Luckily there was no damage, but it was a bitch to clean up after using the fire extinguisher. I'm admitting defeat and surrendering in the Oven Conflict. The oven is too temperamental for me to attempt any more cooking/baking adventures. The stove top still lets me cook, but I'm not touching the oven anymore. 

I could also talk about my dad, who was in the hospital for a few days because he gets pancreatitis flair ups every once in a while. Since my dad is diabetic, he had to be admitted so they could safely "reset" his pancreas. Which basically means he has to be hooked up to an IV and go without food or water for a few days. Dad's out of the hospital now, but it was really scary. 

I've made a point to not go into it about work here on the blog, but I'm just going to say that it still continues to stress me out. Not to the point where the eye twitch comes back, but enough for me to want to come home and drink. Or spend hours and hours of time watching anime on Hulu or videos on YouTube. I've got 48 days left on this schedule, and I'm just counting down the days until the new shift starts.

Is it just me, but it is supposed to be fall right? Like colder weather, leaves falling and all that jazz? I know Pumpkin Spice has taken over the world for its 3 month run, but the only other tell that I have that its fall is that the acorns are falling at my parents house. It was seriously 80-something degrees today. I need fall to officially start because I have a cute outfit that I've finally pieced together that I want to wear. And I really want to take pictures in the outfit! Which is odd for me. I normally don't care about fashion. 

Anyway, back to fall. I really love fall. Its one of my favorite seasons. The cooler weather, the fun activities that come with it, like hayrides, ghost tours, pumpkin patches, Halloween! I love the spookiness of the entire season and I can't wait for the temperature to catch up with the date. So question time, if anyone is still reading this thing, what's your favorite thing about fall? Any special traditions? Let me know! I want to find some new things to do this fall.