Saturday, August 31, 2013

Get it? Kase? Kasey? I tried to be punny. Oh my gosh, I'll stop there. Since I'm a bit slack about blogging my life events, here's a new monthly post topic! I get to quickly tell you what I forgot to blog about! Yay for having a memory of a goldfish!

August 2013

⋙ I went to my first gay event. It was a little overhyped/underwhelming. I think my expectations of it was a bit too high, or it was just the fact of the matter that it was parade that was held at like 9 in the morning.

⋙ I became addicted to Minecraft and Minecraft videos. I can't stop watching videos about Minecraft from youtube channels like Rooster Teeth's Let's Play or Joey Graceffa's gaming channel. I'm still getting the hang of playing Minecraft on the computer, but it was a well spent 25$.

⋙ I also got addicted to listening to the podcast, Welcome to Night Vale. Most people describe as NPR written by Stephen King or H.P. Lovecraft. And I think that is a spot on description.

⋙ I got so stressed out about my grown up job that I developed an eye twitch. It initially lasted for about 3 days, but it now comes and goes periodically if I don't get enough sleep.

⋙ I ordered something from H&M's website, and the plastic bag they send the clothes in was the right number for the tunic I ordered, but the actual tunic was the wrong color. (And wrong size, but that was my fault.) I sent it back for exchange, but lets hope they send me back the right one.

I'm desperately trying to find a good pair of boots. I'm not having any luck at all. BOOTS ACQUIRED.

And that was pretty much my August. See you in September. Or wake me up when September ends.

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