Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello June!

I hate to have high expectations for a month, because 14 out of 30 days, I'm chained 10 hours a day to a desk answering phone calls. But June is shaping up to be a big month. This Thursday, Rob and I will be packing up the car, and driving our way up to DC for long weekend. I really want to experience a lot of cool things, culture and history. Rob and I are going up there with out a well thought out plan, so if you've been to Washington DC, please leave a comment below with some really cool things that you've experienced or enjoyed on your own trip there. Or if you've never been, something that you would do while you are there.  

But this month, I also have the goal of tackling 3 of my goals from my 26 before 27 list. I have this mason jar I bought and its been sitting around for about two months. Its screaming at me to punch a hole in the lid. I just need to get some rubber grommets and borrow my dad's drill. I'm also looking to try my hand at sun tea. I have a hard time making regular tea with boiled water. (Maybe this is the oven again waging war against me, but I'm not sure.) I think that letting the tea steep in the sun would allow it to be a softer and not a harsh a brew. Of course, I have my read a new book each month goal, and I'm looking to start with a certain book. I used to read on the Amazon Kindle app on my old phone, but I want to start really collecting more books for fill up a extra book self I have. 

I have a bit of plans for this month, so my blog might be a little chaotic with my content. Instead of Friday Faves, I'm thinking of moving over to Thursdays for Things I Love Thursdays. The reason for the move is that my new schedule for work starting after June 30, will be M,T,W and F's. I'm also looking to bring back Comic Book Wednesdays, but only once a month, and only for my favorite books for the month. I'm also tossing around some other ideas for features of this blog to make it really unique. 

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