Tuesday, June 4, 2013



Its a running joke in my family that I can't drive. Rob doesn't like me driving because I apparently "Don't pay attention enough." My dad tends to agree with him, because I backed into my dad's parked 18 wheeler, which ended up tearing off my front bumper when I was 18-20ish? Okay, I agree, I could pay a little more attention, but at least I'm not filming youtube videos while I drive. 

Unfortunately, I was running late yesterday. I wanted to stay a bit longer in bed then I normally do, and for some reason that I cannot fathom for the life of me, I took forever in the shower. So I was booking it  on my way to work. My comute takes about 30 minutes on a good day. Half of my trip is city/neighbor hood driving, with speeds not over 50. The second half is mostly interstate. I was caught speeding on the interstate. I was going 74 in a 60. So the state trooper pulled me over. He asked if I was running late or if I knew how fast I was going. I said I was running late and I felt stupid for speeding. He saw my work badge, and took my information to write up my ticket. Durring the 5 minutes that the Trooper was in vehicle I just keep berating myself for being stupid at the same time trying to call my supervisor to let her know I was going to be late. I didn't get a chance to speak to my supervisor before the officer came back. He was very nice in issuing the ticket, because he lowered the point deduction from the normal 4 points down to the minimum of 2, and he also lowered the ticket to the lowest amount of money, 81$. And luckily I don't have to show before the court. 

Moral of the story, I ended up being late for work anyway. I just have to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier to give me enough time to get ready. And I have to give myself more time to get to work. I know I'm not the only one who's gotten a ticket before, but I think I'd feel a little bit better hearing other's experiences with the law. Leave a comment if you've ever had a ticket or something along the same lines. Have a great day!

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