Saturday, June 1, 2013

26 before 27

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I know I'm not, but I feel really old. I guess its the fact that I never pictured myself or imagined myself as being 26. I was actually going to have this up yesterday, but I had a really bad day yesterday. But today is a new day, and its my first true day as being twenty-six. So here is a list of things I want to do before I turn twenty-seven.

⨠001. Put myself out there. // Last night, I realized I needed a bigger support system. I need a friend. I need to open myself to new opportunities and to get to know more people so that way I can cultivate new relationships to people, weither they be here in real life, or on the internet. 

⨠002. Go to the gun range with my brother. // Now that Bryan is back home for the summer, I feel like we should go out and do something. Bryan loves his guns, and I've always wanted to get my concealed weapons permit like my dad. So I think it would be cool to go out and do something like that with my brother. 

⨠003. Go to Disney World. // Robert's sister, Brittany, is currently at Disney World. I'm super jealous right now. I love all the super detailed effort that the imaginers put into the parks. I've convinced Rob to go sometime next year. 

⨠004. Nurture my Blog.// Since starting my blog in January, I don't have much content. So I need to continue to pay attention to my blog, since I feel like this should be my memoir's first draft. This means also trying to connect with other bloggers and commenting as well. 

⨠005. DECORATE.// I've been living in my apartment for almost two years. I still don'f feel entirely comfortable in my place. I think its because I haven't really decorated or made it mine. I really need to decorate. 

⨠006. End the Oven/Kasey conflict.// My oven hates me. No matter what I do, whatever I cook burns. That stops now. I will prevail over the oven, and I will successfully bake a cake or cookies. 

⨠007. Read a new book each month.// I want to read something new every month thats not a series book. 

⨠008. Pay off another credit card.// I just recently paid off one of my 3 credit cards and it felt so GOOD! I want to pay off two more of my credit cards. 

⨠009. Foam Party.// Charleston Pantheon, the local gay night club, has foam parties every once in a while. I want to go to one so bad! 

⨠010. Try new craft hobbies.// I mostly just paint and draw. I would love to learn how to make grannie squares and eventually make a blanket out of them. 

⨠011. Learn how to really use Photoshop.// I mostly use Illustrator for my graphics, but I'd like to learn how to use Photoshop. 

⨠012. Take more pictures.// I bought a really nice camera, and bag to go with it. I need to use things that I have. 

⨠013. Take care of myself. // I'm getting older. I can't continue with the way I've lived. I need to eat better, since my face continuing to break out is a huge red flag for me. I need to exercise some more. 

⨠014. Make homemade sangria.// I love a good sangria, and I really want to make my own. 

⨠015. Go to a Gay Pride Parade.// I was told that a gay pride parade was the 2nd Happiest Place on Earth.

⨠016. Get that Tattoo.// I've probably said it on every list that I've every tried to make, weither it was new years resolutions or a 100 in 1001 list. But I need to do it! 

⨠017. PAINT.// I have 7 canvases that are begging to be covered in paint right now.

⨠018. Make Sun Tea.// Now that its officially summer, I want to have constant supply of tea and lemons in the house. Sweet tea and lemons out of a mason jar is the best thing about summer. 

⨠019. Make Mason Jar Go Cups.// I love having the plastic straw cups that everyone and their mother has, but I love the look of mason jars. I want to make a set of four of these for my house to use. 

⨠020. Have adventures with Rob.// We never go anywhere that's fun and exciting. I want to have more little adventures when we go out. 

⨠021. Start a game night.// I want to have the friends I do have over for a board game night with drinks  and everything. 

⨠022. Go all out for Holidays.// I love the end of year holidays, and I want to really go all out for Halloween and Christmas. I want to decorate the house in a major way.

⨠023. Get my Passport.// The world an open book thats waiting to be read and seen. 

⨠024. Complete a Day in My Life.// I did one of these a few years ago, and it was really fun. I would really like to do one of these again. 

⨠025. Get an iPad.// This seams so trivial and ridiculous, but I want to get an iPad mini. 

⨠026. Enjoy my year.// I have only one year to be 26. I want to live it up. 


  1. Belated happy birthday , Kasey !


  2. Happy Birthday Kasey!!!

    Don't worry about feeling old, I'm only 21 and couldn't quite wrap my head around the fact that a quater of my life has basically already flown by.

    Your list is full of wonderful ideas that I'd like to try myself
    I hope you had a lovely day :)

    Nicole fromFurnish Box

    1. Thanks so much!

      I think everyone feels the same on their birthday. It also seems really weird after 25 because after that most of your milestone birthdays are then gauged by decades.

    2. I know right! Hit 20... half way to 40, 10 years from 30.

      It's scary, I don't know where time goes, it feels like every single year goes by faster and faster!


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