Tuesday, January 8, 2013

throwback tuesday

So this is R. This is also a really bad picture of him. Anyway, today I'm writing how R and I fell in love. While its not an epic tale like How I Met Your Mother, its ours and I wouldn't change it. Anyway, our story starts back in the summer months of 2005. I had just graduated from high school, and I hadn't gotten a job yet. Or maybe I was job searching. I dunno, but for what ever the reason, I was bored and hanging out with two friends at the time, Krissy and Brittany. We were bored out of our minds, and while we had started to play video games just to pass the time, Krissy had the idea to call her ex-boyfriend Jas to hang out. Jas was at the time hanging out with R and asked if he could bring him over. They came over and were more into playing video games then the girls were, but they were more interested in getting high. Now I'll say right here and now that I've never gotten high or even smoked a cigarette  So R and Jas went out side to get high before coming back in. That poor trip ended up with the boys giving each other horsey rides because I had my cowboy hat lying around.

Anyway, R and I didn't talk to much, and if we did we chatted it up on AIM. R had a crush on Krissy, and Krissy and Jas were hooking up, and then R tried to get with Brittany. Durring all this time, we kept chatting on AIM. I was falling into a funk because I was 18, and I had never had a proper boyfriend. R kept telling me that someone would come along and find out how much of good person I was and make me happy. I brushed him off and said like I always do, who could like a person like me? We kept talking and because he was currently getting his GED, and I lived so close to the GED school, I offered to give him rides back and fourth a couple of times. After talking for so long R decided that Brittany was a total bitch and drama queen and wasn't worth the effort. He decided to give it a try with me. I guess I was thinking that I was the last resort and felt that it probably wouldn't last.

And I was right, but not because that I was the last choice. It was because we both had growing up to do. And trying to grow up together can hurt. One person matures at a different rate then the other, and no one is on the same page for anything. I remember telling R when we broke up the first time to "call me when you get a life." R got a job and started doing his growing up, and he called me back. But there were other times, when I felt so sure that he was the one, it scared him. I was seriously the overly attached girlfriend because I never wanted to let him go.  Fast forward to 2 years later around my birthday, so around the end of May. He had come back from a cruise with his family. He had basically gotten to his house, put his bags down, and got into the car to come see me. Apparently he had missed me (and had seasickness) through out the entire trip that he couldn't enjoy it. We decided to get back together and to really work on being together.

We've had our ups and downs, and we've had our arguments. R is it for me. We've been engaged for 5+ years now, and there is no rush. We've got all the time in the world for us.

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